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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Lodge a complaint or compliment, or report an incident or wellbeing concern


  • Does your complaint, feedback or enquiry concern the operations of an overseas Curtin campus? If so, please register it by clicking on the "COMPLAINTS AND FEEDBACK ABOUT CURTIN AND ITS STAFF" link below and we will direct it to the most appropriate person for resolution.
  • Otherwise, please review the following options carefully before choosing the most relevant one:

NOTE: All personal information is handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. Further information is available on the Curtin privacy webpage

I wish to raise a concern about the safety, security and wellbeing of a member of the University Community

You should report concerns about the safety, security and wellbeing of others to our Safer Community Team, on +61 8 9266 4444 or via a confidential online form as soon as possible e.g. threats of suicide, self-harm, violence, sexual harassment, sexual assaults and other criminal acts, mental health concerns or missing students.

I wish to report a health and safety incident or issue at Curtin

You should report any health and safety incidents or issues so that they may be recorded and investigated, with appropriate actions taken to minimise risk and prevent a recurrence e.g. injuries/illnesses, near-misses, hazards and other incidents.

I'm a Curtin student with a general enquiry about Curtin services or support

Please click on the Curtin Connect link here to get access to a wide range of information that may help you to quickly fix your problem.

I'm a Curtin student and wish to lodge an appeal against an academic or administrative decision made by the University which affects or could affect me

Student appeals may be in relation to academic status, admission or selection, assessment, enrolment, fees, charges, levies, fines or refunds, leave of absence, misconduct or credit for recognised learning. Click on this link to learn more.

I am a Curtin student who is struggling with a personal or study issue and don't know where to go within Curtin

The Curtin Student Wellbeing Advisory Service is a free and confidential service that exists to assist students with a wide variety of problems or issues, such as settling into university, personal matters impacting on success or wellbeing, worries about studies or academic progress or general issues with your faculty, staff members or peers. Click on this link for contact details and more information.

I wish to raise a complaint or provide feedback in relation to the conduct of a Curtin student

You may be aware of (or be the victim of) a Curtin student who is demonstrating or has demonstrated behaviour that may be considered to be student misconduct e.g. plagiarism or contravention of written laws, University statutes, by-laws and rules. Information on how such matters are reported and dealt with is available by clicking on this link.

I'm a Curtin staff member who needs assistance in obtaining information on or has a concern with available Curtin Services

Please access the Curtin Staff Assist services by calling the Curtin Service Centre on ext 9000 (option 6), or emailing

Alternately, you may wish to register your query or concern via the Curtin Self-Service Hub.

I wish to lodge a complaint or provide feedback about matters arising from the operations of Curtin University and its officers, agents or related parties.

You may lodge a formal complaint or provide feedback about any aspect of Curtin and its operations by clicking on this link which will direct you to the online Complaints Portal e.g. dissatisfaction with the services or products of the University, dissatisfaction with Curtin's agents or related parties, reports of inappropriate, illegal or criminal behaviour or work practices, matters relating to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people, breaches of policies, procedures, legislation, bylaws or rules, and feedback (positive or negative) in relation to any aspect of University operations or its staff.

I am a Curtin student who needs some confidential advice relating to academic, financial or personal matters that concern me

Student Assist is the support and advocacy service of Curtin Student Guild. Student Assist officers can provide you with information on a wide variety of services, including rights and responsibilities with regard to University policies, and explanations about enrolment, academic progress or assessment decisions. Click on this
link for contact details and more information.

I wish to lodge a complaint or provide feedback about matters arising from the operations of the Curtin Student Guild

Complaints and feedback concerning the Curtin Student Guild may be in relation to a Guild Student representative, Guild staff member, Guild event, student club/society, commercial outlet/café, or any other matter related to the operation of the Guild. Click on this link for more information.

I wish to make a protected disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Act of Western Australia

The PID Act 2003 (WA) encourages disclosers to come forward with information about "wrong-doing" by Curtin University, without the identity of the discloser being revealed or fear of reprisal. The Act also provide a system for the matters disclosed to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken. Note that such disclosures are not treated in the same manner as normal complaints, and should therefore not be lodged through the Complaints Portal. Click here for more information.