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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Disclosure of Interests / Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality

Before registering an interest / gift, benefit or hospitality or assessing and making a decision on a previously disclosed matter, please take time to review the procedures, guidance and FAQs below.

Click here to access the electronic Disclosure of Interest Register to:

  • DISCLOSE an actual, perceived or potential conflict of interest / a foreign relationship or interest, or a gift, benefit or hospitality; or
  • ASSESS and make a decision about a previously disclosed interest / gift, benefit or hospitality; or
  • REVIEW your previously registered disclosures or assessments

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The Curtin Code of Conduct outlines seven (7) professional standards of behaviour that all parties to the Code should understand and strive to meet. One of these standards concerns Conflicts of Interest / Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality. A key message in this standard is the need to avoid conflicts of interest in the first place, if possible. This is explained further in the FAQs.

The Disclosure of Interest procedures provide essential guidance on how Curtin University expects its officers to conduct themselves in relation to disclosing and managing conflicts of interest, foreign relationships or interests, and gifts, benefits and hospitality. More details associated with the procedures are found in the following appendices:

  • Appendix 1: Types of Conflicts of Interest (includes a comprehensive set of examples - for illustrative purposes only)
  • Appendix 2: Guidelines for determining if a conflict of interest exists
  • Appendix 3: Strategies for managing conflicts of interest

Foreign interference involves activities carried out by or on behalf of a foreign actor which are coercive, clandestine, deceptive or corrupting and are contrary to Australia’s sovereignty, values and national interests. This is different to foreign influence, which involves activities conducted in an open and transparent manner as part of regular international relations and diplomacy, and which can contribute positively to public debate.

The Federal Government’s Guidelines to Counter Foreign Interference in the Australian University Sector (the Guidelines) are designed to strengthen resilience to foreign interference in the University sector. The Disclosure of Interest Procedures implement the Guidelines’ recommendations for disclosure of specific Foreign Relationships and Interests.

The Foreign Relationships and Interests disclosure questions in the online Disclosure of Interest Register will also help individuals to determine whether they have personal registration obligations under the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme 2018 (Cth).

Foreign Relationships and Interests requiring disclosure include:

  • any financial support (cash or in-kind) for education or research related activities from a country other than Australia;
  • any position (paid or unpaid), honorific titles, or any other obligations to a foreign university, academic organisation or company, (eg, membership of a foreign talent recruitment program);
  • any association or affiliation with a foreign government or foreign military, policing or intelligence organisation; or
  • any lobbying, public communications activities or disbursement activities conducted on behalf of a foreign government, foreign government related individual or entity, or foreign political organisation, for the purpose of political or government influence.

The obligation to disclose Foreign Relationships and Interests is separate from, and in addition to, disclosure obligations regarding Conflicts of Interest. It is an individual’s responsibility to disclose Foreign Relationships and Interests whether or not they consider that these may also involve a Conflict of Interest. This will enable the Responsible Officer to determine whether risk assessment, management and/or reporting under applicable laws and guidelines is required.

Information on Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme 2018 (Cth).

If you believe you may need to register under the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme contact us.

Information on National Security Legislation Amendment (Espionage and Foreign Interference) Act 2018 and related links.

If you have a query about a specific concern in relation to Foreign Interference please contact the Chief Security Officer.

A one page flowchart which shows the high level process flows in relation to conflicts and gifts processing.

Disclosures of Foreign Relationships and Interests follow a similar process, except that disclosures are assessed by the Office of the Chief Security Officer instead of your Line Manager.

A detailed guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the Disclosure of Interest System to electronically disclose and assess conflicts of interest / gifts, benefits and hospitality. This will be updated with information regarding the disclosure of Foreign Relationships and Interests in due course.

Under the Disclosure of Interest System, automated email correspondence is issued as part of pre-defined electronic workflows. Please note that the following email address is used by the system to generate emails to system users: