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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Curtin staff

This section is for all Curtin academic and professional staff members.

General information

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Education and training

The ISU is responsible for and or provides the following education and training modules to staff.

Please note that the training workshops listed below will be regularly advertised via iPerform, but can also be run for small groups, on request.

Type Title
Objectives and Description
Online Education (Work Essentials)
Code of Conduct
Mandatory, but depends on role
To obtain a solid grounding in the Code of Conduct and what it means in terms of the your day-to-day work and interactions with other members of the University community. Available in both full and lite versions (depending on your role), and containing multiple typical scenarios and associated quizzes, together with a final quiz at the end which requires a pass rate of 80%.
Training Workshop
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Everyone To obtain a sound understanding of conflicts of interest and improve your ability to better identify and manage them, and therefore help reduce the incidence of conflict of interest complaints arising amongst the University community. Also covers handling of gifts, benefits and hospitality.
Training Workshop
Fraud and Corruption - Prevent, Detect and Respond
Everyone To obtain knowledge and skills to help prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption matters in the workplace, and therefore help minimise the chances of fraud and corruption incidents arising or not being detected in the workplace and actioned in a timely manner.
Training Workshop
Managing Complaints
Anyone who handles complaints
To obtain a sound understanding of the University's complaint handling process, and improve your ability to properly resolve complaints that are assigned to you, thereby minimising the chances of errors being made.
Training Workshop
Fact Finding
Anyone who handles complaints
To obtain a better understanding of the importance of fact finding and improve your ability to gather sufficient and appropriate evidence to support the decision making process during complaint resolution, thereby reducing the incidence of disputes arising in relation to inadequate or biased decision making.
Training Workshop
Blowing the Whistle - the PID Act, and
Reporting Misconduct - the CCM Act
Everyone To obtain a sound understanding of the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Act and how it can be used to make protected disclosures. In addition, to help you understand the differences between protected disclosures under the PID Act and other forms of complaints.
To obtain a sound understanding of Curtin's obligations under the Corruption, Crime and Misconduct (CCM) Act, and how you can personally report misconduct under the Act.