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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Avenues for lodging a complaint

Should you wish to submit a formal complaint, you may do so:

External agencies

Various external agencies provide an avenue for raising complaints and concerns. A list of the external agencies is included in the External Complaints Mechanism list.

Please note that if you do choose to use an external avenue of complaint, any internal complaints processes being undertaken may cease.

In addition, Curtin University recognises that there may be situations where you as a complainant are:

  • not satisfied with the outcome reached in relation to your complaint; and
  • of the view that your complaint was not handled properly or fairly in accordance with Curtin's procedures.

In such cases, you have a right to raise a new complaint, identifying where the University's processes have not been complied with. You may also refer the University's handling of your complaint to an appropriate external agency such as the WA Ombudsman.

Other university policies may relate to your matter. These can be found at the Policies website.

Occupational health and safety incident reporting

If you wish to report incidents/hazards of a physical or psychological nature to Health, Safety and Emergency Management as an occupational health and safety matter, please use the Health and Safety Incident Reporting form.