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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

How to report fraud and corruption

What are the University's expectations?

Each University Council member, staff member, partner, contractor, consultant, sponsor, agent and anyone else acting for or on behalf of the University is responsible for ensuring that the University does not encourage, participate or get involved in any fraudulent or corrupt activities; this includes the making or taking of bribes or facilitation payments particularly when dealing with overseas government or foreign officials.

The University also strongly encourages those who become aware of any such matters affecting the University to disclose their concerns using the appropriate reporting channels. This applies equally to all of the University's activities and dealings throughout the world regardless of any actual or perceived customary, necessary or required local practices, or to the individual behaviours of the people acting for or on behalf of any University-related entity.

What reporting avenues are available?

There are various avenues available for reporting suspected fraud and corruption which may be, is being or has been perpetrated by or against the University: