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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit


Curtin is a culturally diverse community in which everyone is accepted and treated fairly, and respect for one another is a part of everyday life. Curtin is committed to its Code of Conduct (the Code) and all that it entails, particularly in relation to expectations of high standards of professional behaviour in all areas of work activity and relationships.

The Integrity and Standards Unit (the ISU) is here to help Curtin staff and other stakeholders understand and correctly apply the Code. 

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Accessibility accessibility icon

For people with a disability or with language difficulties, we offer various accessibility options, if required.

Complaint resolution Community members

Understand how complaints are lodged, handled and resolved at Curtin.

Curtin students Curtin students

Understand your rights and obligations as a Curtin student.

Curtin staff Curtin staff

Find out about education and training on relevant topics, keep up-to-date on ISU news

Complaints, compliments, incidents and wellbeing concerns Register a complaint

Lodge complaints, report incidents or wellbeing concerns, or provide feedback.

Conflicts of Interest / Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality policies icon

Disclose a conflict of interest / gift, benefit or hospitality, or assess a disclosure received.

Public interest disclosures Public interest

Find out how to make protected disclosures about wrongdoing without fear of reprisal, under the PID Act 2003.

Fraud and corruption prevention policies icon

Learn about the University's framework for fraud and corruption control and how you can prevent these risks from occurring.