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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Lodge a complaint or compliment, or report an incident or wellbeing concern

Information about accessibility and alternative ways to lodge a complaint is available on our homepage

Please review the following options before deciding what type of notification to make ... 

Type of Notification
What do you want to do?
Personal safety, security and wellbeing


I wish to raise a concern about the safety, security and wellbeing of a member of the University Community

You should report concerns about the safety, security and wellbeing of others to our Safer Community Team, on +61 8 9266 4444 or via a confidential online form e.g.

  • Threats of suicide or self-harm
  • Threats of physical violence towards others
  • Any alleged criminal acts, such as physical assault, indecent assault, sexual assault, domestic violence or stalking
  • Sexual harassment
  • Mental health concerns which may have an effect on students and/or staff of the University Community
  • Students who have been reported as missing by Curtin staff or family members  

Occupational health and safety matter           



I wish to report a health and safety incident or issue
You should report any health and safety incidents or issues so that they may be recorded and investigated, with appropriate actions taken to minimise risk and prevent a recurrence e.g.

  • Injuries/illnesses: events that cause an illness or injury requiring medical attention
  • Near-misses: events that do not cause injury but have the potential to do so
  • Hazards: anything that has the potential to cause ill health or injury
  • Other incidents including environmental, property damage, spills etc  

Student appeal

I wish to lodge an appeal against an academic or administrative decision made by the University which affects or could affect me as a Curtin student

Student appeals may be in relation to academic status, admission or selection, assessments, deferred assessments, enrolment, fees, charges, levies, fines or refunds, graduation, leave of absence, misconduct or credit for recognised learning. Click on the button to learn more.         
Student conduct

I wish to raise a complaint or provide feedback in relation to the conduct of a Curtin student

You may be aware of (or be the victim of) a Curtin student who is demonstrating or has demonstrated behaviour that may be considered to be student misconduct e.g. plagiarism or contravention of written laws, University statutes, by-laws and rules. There may also be situations where the student's behaviour is not considered misconduct but rather a breach of the expected standards of behaviour e.g. a breach of the Student Charter involving inappropriate language or disrespectful behaviour. Information on how such matters are reported and dealt with is available by clicking on the link.
Curtin Student Guild matter

I wish to lodge a complaint or provide feedback about matters arising from the operations of the Curtin Student Guild

Complaints and feedback concerning the Curtin Student Guild may be in relation to a Guild Student representative, Guild staff member, Guild event, student club/society, commercial outlet/café, or any other matter related to the operation of the Guild. Click on the button to learn more.             

University complaints and feedback




I wish to lodge a complaint or provide feedback about matters arising from the operations of Curtin University and its officers

Curtin needs to be properly informed in order to improve the quality of the services and products it provides to the University Community. If you have a complaint, you are encouraged, in the first instance, to seek resolution of your complaint directly with the University officers responsible for the decision, act or omission which forms the basis for your complaint e.g. through discussion, meetings, correspondence etc (where you believe it is appropriate to do so and you are able, willing and feel confident in approaching the persons concerned).  At any point however, you may lodge your complaint or provide feedback with Curtin via our online Complaints Portal, which is the preferred method of contact (please click on the link). Such matters may concern:

  • dissatisfaction with the services or products of the University
  • any inappropriate, illegal or criminal behaviour or work practices by Curtin staff, contractors, suppliers or partners
  • breaches of policies, procedures, legislation, bylaws or rules by Curtin staff, contractors, suppliers or partners
  • feedback (positive or negative) in relation to any aspect of University operations or its staff

Public Interest Disclosure




I wish to make a protected disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure (PID) Act of Western Australia

The PID Act 2003 (WA) encourages disclosers to come forward with information about "wrong-doing" by Curtin University, without the identity of the discloser being revealed or fear of reprisal. The Act also provide a system for the matters disclosed to be investigated and for appropriate action to be taken. Note that such disclosures are not treated in the same manner as normal complaints, and should therefore not be lodged through the Complaints Portal.

NOTE: All personal information is handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. Further information on privacy is available at