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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

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Phone: 1800 907 998 OR +61 8 9266 9184


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The Integrity and Standards Unit's mission is as follows:

ISU is committed to ethical and responsible behaviour in its own actions and encouraging the same commitment in the Curtin community, through the development of individual skills and knowledge to prevent, detect and respond to corruption, crime and misconduct. Our commitment extends to all levels of Curtin to foster a climate of ethical conduct, integrity and accountability. 

Service Statement

The ISU is responsible for the following five service streams: 

Complaints Management

  • Receive and assess complaints from staff, students and the wider community for the purpose of sending them on to the appropriate line manager for their attention and action.


  • Provide advice to assist staff, students and the wider community about staff misconduct related matters, the complaint handling process and conflicts of interest.

Inquiries, Reviews and Investigations

  • Conduct, assist in, or source appropriate resources to undertake inquiries, reviews or investigations into possible corruption, crime and misconduct, or other breaches of the Curtin Code of Conduct.

Awareness, Education and Training

  • Provide awareness, education and training to the Curtin community through the development of skills and knowledge to identify and effectively handle complaints, disclose and manage conflicts of interest, and prevent, detect and respond to corruption, crime and misconduct.

Reporting and Intelligence

  • Report misconduct, through the Vice-Chancellor, to the relevant regulatory and oversight agencies.
  • Maximise use of all available data to identify and report systemic issues, root causes and potential risks of corruption, crime and misconduct related matters to Executive Management.

Client / Customer Statement

A client / customer of the ISU is anyone who engages with the ISU.

Values Statement

    The ISU shares and promotes the University's values of Integrity, Respect, Courage, Impact and Excellence.

    To that end, the ISU expects that its clients will also act in accordance with those values when interacting with ISU officers. The protocol document outlines the actions that ISU officers are entitled to take when Curtin's expectations of a client's behaviour are not met. 

    Personal Information

      All personal information is handled in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.