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Curtin University
Integrity and Standards Unit

Investigations and Inquiries

The ISU has access to highly experienced investigators to undertake formal investigations into complaints that involve allegations of staff misconduct.

    The ISU may also undertake less formal local level inquiries, where assistance to managers is provided during the initial complaint resolution process into staff misconduct.

    Where there is a specific requirement to source an external investigation service, the Director ISU is responsible for engaging an external party that has the relevant skills and experience to undertake the work, with the exception of research misconduct matters where the Executive Manager may be more qualified to do so because of the subject matter being covered.

    Investigation Standards

    The purpose of a formal investigation is to examine and determine the veracity of a complaint of alleged misconduct by a staff member or staff members so as to reach an independent view on the issues raised / introduced by the complainant.

    A failure to follow due process by the investigator during this part of the complaint management process may lead to an unfair outcome and/or decisions being overturned on review.

    As such, all formal investigations undertaken at, by or on behalf of Curtin University that are assigned to or are overseen by the ISU must meet agreed standards. These standards have been incorporated into a document titled Investigation Standards.

Standard Forms and Templates

Where a formal investigation is conducted internally by an ISU investigator, a number of standard forms and templates are used during the course of the investigation.

The Director ISU is responsible for the development and maintenance of these standard forms and templates and, by way of quality assurance processes, ensures that each internal investigation conducted makes use of them.

The forms and templates are maintained in the internal ISU Operations Manual. 

External Investigation Services

The Director ISU has access to the Human Resource Investigation Services common use agreement (Contract No. CUA HRS2015).

This agreement has been set up by the WA State Government to meet the needs of public sector agencies seeking HR Investigation Services in relation to a range of issues including allegations of misconduct, bullying and employee grievances.

The University has agreed on a panel of preferred investigation service providers that are sourced from the above agreement. Wherever necessary and possible, investigators are selected by the University from this panel.

The Director ISU is responsible for obtaining quotes to do work from external investigators selected from this panel, and presenting quotes to University management for review and approval. The Director ISU is also responsible for overseeing the work done by external investigators to ensure it meets the University's standards.